Chrome Extension to share your account without
giving out your password

If you ever wanted to share your account to a site for a limited amount of timebut couldn't find a good way to do it without giving away personal information, ShareAccount is for you

How it works

First step

Find a friend you want to share an account with.
Make sure both of you have ShareAccount installed.
Open the site from where you want to share the account and click the extension icon.

Second step

Ask the recipient for their code (found on RECEIVE ACCOUNT)
Press SHARE ACCOUNT and enter the code with an optional timeout.
Press SHARE, copy the result and give it to the recipient.

Last step

The recipient, still on the RECEIVE ACCOUNT, menu pastes the text on the Share result textbox
He/She presses the RECEIVE button, and that's it!

Get it now

And stop having to worry about giving away your password